Save your Neck!

Dr. Denese shares her expertise of proper care for the delicate neck area in the Marie Claire article, "Top 10 Secrets from the Skin Experts."


"Your neck ages in its own way and so has special needs. Neck tendons shrink through the years and become more visible, and unfortunately, the thin, easy-to-scar skin in this area doesn't respond to lasers and peels as well as your face does. If your posture is excellent, your neck will age well. Stretching your neck also helps. Tilt your head back and stretch your lower lip over the upper one; hold for a few seconds. Repeat 10 times." 

There are several effective neck-specific products containing retinol, peptides, and glycolic acid, such as PCA Perfecting Neck & Décolleté available at Sacred Lotus. Also ask about our PCA Intensive Rejuvenating Treatment!


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