Eye Makeup Removal

"Proper removal can reduce the signs of aging around the eyes."


Did you know that the way you remove your eye makeup could be contributing to puffiness and fine lines?

Proper removal can reduce the signs of aging around the eyes. To prevent fine lines and wrinkles start by saturating a cotton round/square with your favorite eye makeup remover.

With your eyes closed rest the cotton pad over your eyelids. This allows the mascara and eye shadow to loosen for easier removal. After 20 seconds, gently wipe in a downward motion to remove your eye shadow. Next fold your cotton square in half and with your eyes slightly open and remove your mascara in an upward motion as if you were applying mascara. Repeat this step until all traces of mascara gone. The final step will be to remove any remaining makeup along the lower lashes by gently swiping out towards the temples and never tugging or pulling at the delicate skin under the eyes.

Any remaining eye makeup residue will be removed when you follow with your normal facial cleansing routine.